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Welcome to our website
ENFYS Class - Reception and Year 1
Mrs Lowri Pritchard - Class Teacher
Mrs Einir Hughes - Senior Assistant
Mrs Bethan Parri -  ADY Assistant
Welcome to the Enfys Class page, that is a class for Reception Class pupils at  Ysgol Llandygai.
Our theme for the Autumn Term is ‘Autumn Colours’. .
We began our theme by looking at the book   ‘Ia-hŵ meddai Gwdihŵ’ and having an opportunity to discuss and think about all the colours that are to be found in the world.  We had an opportunity to do work with shapes through creating shaped owls and also making repeated patterns  of the owls family on the branch.
We love singing in the Enfys Class,  and have been very busy learning the Rhymes Challenge  (Browsing through a story). Our favourite songs are ‘Pum crocodeil’ and ‘Tri broga boliog braf’. In turn, we take a Rhymes bag home over the weekend to share with our families.
After collecting leaves and twigs around the school, we looked at Andy Goldsworthy’s work and saw that he used natural resources to do art work.  We worked together to create our own art work, using twigs, leaves,   acorns, cones, conkers and various stones.  It was nice to work outdoors.
A very important part weekly at Enfys class is their work on letters using  Tric a Chlic scheme. We have an opportunity to practice our recognition skills and combine letters and also form letters and all of us like Ynyr Ystlum improve each week in our language work. 

We have also been very creative with leaves. Do you see the butterflies, the trees and fire in these pictures drawn by 4 pupils from the class?  We always remember to work like Wil the Squirrel and focus on our work as Wil did as he collected nuts for his mother.