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Green Flag Award
Stonewall - Acceptance without exception
Green School - Bronze, Siver and Gold
Food Hygiene Rating - 5
Welsh Language Charter
Twitter - Ysgol Llandygai
Spring Term
Summer Term
Continue to work on the Action Plan.
Travel to school - collaborate with ‘The Healthy Young’

Apply for the Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Visit from Officers.
Analyse the Environmental Survey and prepare an Action Plan. 

Share the Survey and the Action Plan with our fellow-pupils and staff and work on them. 

Apply for Eco-Schools Silver Award.

Promote Fair Trade  Week through holding various activities.

Hold a Litter Survey 
Hold a Green Day to explain the work of ‘The Green Carers’. 

Collaborate throughout the school to hold an Environmental Survey. 

Create ‘The Green Carers’ notice-board and prepare a new Eco-Code. 

Apply for Eco-Schools Bronze Award.

Conserve Energy.
Autumn Term
ensure that litter is placed in the bins
reduce the school’s use of energy and water waste
promote re-cycling and re-use within the school and the community
look after the environment through promoting walking/cycling/car sharing to school, collaborating with ‘The  Healthy Young’ crew
look after the school and wildlife
promote global citizenship.
We were elected in September - with a representative from every class.
We hold regular meetings to discuss things that we see when walking around the school,  subjects that stem from the environmental survey  (and the action plan that will follow),  organize fund-raising activities as well as ensure that activities are held at the school and in our classes on various aspects, and do our best to ‘be green’.
Our objective during 2017 / 2018 is to work towards achieving the Green Flag Award in the Eco-Schools Scheme. 
We as the ‘Green Carers’ Group crew were elected at the start of the year and during this year, with support from the school’s classes, we intend to work hard to:
‘The Green Carers’ Crew 
Our Priorities for the school year   2017 - 2018 are:
Ysgol Iach Gwynedd