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HEDD Class - Year 4 and 5
Mrs Non Jones - Class Teacher
Mr Luc Thomas - ADY Assistant
Miss Lois Morris - ADY Assistant
Miss Bethan Williams - ADY Assistant
Hedd class theme this term is “Travel”.
Up to now, we have looked at distance of countries from one another, and various kinds of transport and how it has evolved over time.  We have learnt about the story of the ship Mimosa that crossed from Wales to Patagonia over 150 years ago to establish the Welsh Colony. We have written e-mails to pupils from Ysgol yr Hendre, Trelew asking questions about the School and their lifestyle in Patagonia. We used PURPLEMASH to write the e-mails.
We have compared life in Wales with that in Patagonia.  We looked at elements such as the weather, wildlife, culture, language, transport and traditional music.  We will soon receive a visit from an individual who has spent time in Patagonia and we eagerly look forward to that.  We have created collages of the Mimosa as homework, we had enormous fun making these.
We have discussed love as a value in October, and we performed our service on “Love” to the rest of the School.  At our service, we discussed how to show love to our friends, family and neighbours.

We have also been very busy enquiring about Miss Roberts running shoes.  Miss Roberts wanted to find out what surface are created most friction, so we measured forces and saw the impact of forces on various surfaces.