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Welcome to our website
The Healthy Young
   The group was elected at the beginning of the year and contains a member from every class from Year 2 upwards.   

The group will meet once a month,  to discuss various aspects on what being healthy means today’s world, organize healthy travel activities to the school and share ideas in general.
Our priorities for the school year 2017 - 2018 are:
Autumn Term
Create  “The Healthy Young” wall in the hall that will share the group’s vision. 

Promote play time fruits/vegetables through monitoring what children eat during break times.
(Correspond with parents)

Aim to receive Sustrans bronze accreditation  (Healthy Trips)

Spring Term
Travel to school (activity) and correspondence with parents (questionnaire)

Promote healthy packed lunches   or try and encourage more pupils to eat school dinner.   Look at percentages - display on the wall in the hall and send corrrespondence to Parents
Summer Term
Travel to school 

Up-date the wall in the hall to display parents survey/pupil review results  ( Sustrans)
**Some priorities may change, subject to new outcomes and ideas that stem from any meetings held during the school year **