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Welcome to our website
TIRION Class - Year 6
Mrs Nia Hughes - Class Teacher
Miss Sioned Hughes - ADY Assistant
Mrs Karen Desch - Medical Assistant
Tirion Class Theme (Y6) for the term is "the Second World War"
It is an EXTREMELY exciting theme!
Within Literacy, we are studying the novel   “Sais ydi O, Miss!” by Brenda Wyn Jones in Welsh, and in English, our classroom novel is   “Goodnight Mr.Tom” by Michelle Magorian.
In Numeracy, we are looking at food rationing, old money and old measures, and measure surface area and perimeter through planning Winning Gardens.
Take a look at these excellent projects of Anderson Shelters!

Our Science tasks are based on “Light and Sound”.  The pupils have made enquiries looking around corners and measuring angles of reflection,  before creating periscopes as part of Design and Technology work.  During next half term, we will investigate what type of material would make the best ‘blackout’ blinds and will also create  a ‘Morse Code’ machine!
Within RE and PSE lessons, we are looking into the question “Is there Peace?” In relation to this, we are looking at other religious faiths about peace, and of course, looking at symbols such as the Red Poppy.

As in every class, we have a meditation area planned and created by the pupils.  Class members will enjoy spending a little time in the area praying and meditating or reading stories from the Bible.