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AWEL Class - Year 3 and 4
Mrs Emma V Davies - Athrawes Ddosbarth /Deputy Head Teacher
Welcome to Awel class page, that is a class for years 3 ad 4
Our theme for this term is ‘Ourselves’.
We read the ‘Nainosor’ book during the first half-term.  The pupils have been busy preparing a questionnaire to set as their homework to ask Granny a series of questions. They then wrote a portrait of their grandmothers.  This led to very descriptive work, with the use of exciting similes and WOW words!
The pupils have been busy studying various Portraits as part of our art work this term.  They have had enormous fun weaving coloured pictures paper of themselves consisting of black and white pictures. 
Then, as a focus of our PSE lessons this term, ‘celebrating one another’s differences’, we spent an afternoon discussing and displaying ‘What is special about me ...’. The pupils’ awareness of speech bubbles was developed and they recorded that which is special about themselves, in the bubbles.
The children will now look at Paul Klee’s abstract portraits through experimenting with oil pastels!
Mared from Pontio visited us at the start of term to develop the pupils’ awareness of their senses and feelings. We spent an engaging morning responding to music of every genre and having an opportunity to dance and express our feelings through music! Thank you Mared, the pupils enjoyed themselves immensely!  
As part of this term’s Science theme, we have looked at the body; specifically the skeleton and the organs. An interesting afternoon was spent creating skeletons using paper and bin bags. The pupils investigated the question -   ‘Does the tallest child have the longest arms?’  Below the children are seen measuring in centimetres and inputting their work into J2Data. The pupils then prepared a simple collection of their findings and used the Caterpillar to consider how they will succeed in learning!
The pupils had and afternoon of fun watching the ‘Tidy towns’ show. They had an opportunity to learn the songs that allowed them to participate in the show as well as dancing to convey the message - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
As part of celebrating T.Llew Jones day, the pupils studied his poem ‘Fireworks night’ and then went on to create a piece of artwork emulating his poem.  Fantastic work all round!
There is a reflection zone within the classroom.  The children can go there to think about or read Bible stories or various stories on this term’s feelings; that ties in with the theme! The pupils also enjoy a quiet meditation session with music to conclude our weekly PE lessons!